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Bob Moss is a folk artist living in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was born in Logan, Utah in 1953.

"I have always made art, and actually had a show with another artist at the 'Blue Mouse Theater' back in the early 80's. But my musical side is what I have always emphasized. I have five CD's out under my own name, and another CD produced as a group. I am currently working on my sixth CD, which is to be titled, 'Bob Moss Plays Frank Sinatra on his Five-String Banjo.' "

"I did my first Deseret Alphabet work in 1989 for Joe Stetich's 'Hatu Teresed' calendar. I then began pottery with my casual teacher Steve Kirkland. In the later 1990's I began to emphasize wall hangings of various mediums."

"Recently I was published in an art compilation volume dealing with Beatnik pop culture, along side such Pop Art dignitaries as Shg, Pizz, and Mark Ryden. I continue to work with Charles Schneider, my L.A. music producer and fellow artist, who is a member of the Hollywood Screenwriter's Guild. My albums can be purchased at " – Bob Moss

You can find out a lot more about Bob on his blogs at his MySpace page.