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     "Welcome to my website.  I once wrote to a friend that I hope to have a car someday with a sign on the side saying 'Bob Moss, Supplying Your Every Deseret Alphabet Needs Since 1989.' Well Maybe I no longer need that, I have a website.   Before I really begin let me state that I don't own a computer, and don't really want one.  There are several pages on a few sites some friends have created for me, including a MY SPACE page (which was deleted by MySpace in 2012, so the link will take you to the Internet archives copy of Bob's page, unfortunately his My Space blog is gone), and my recordings are on the SOUNDCO website, and there is a three-part documentary and some music videos made by Charles Schneider on YOU TUBE.  But, this is The Bob Moss Art website.  
     "I've always done art and music.  In the 80s I lived in art studios in downtown Salt Lake, although then  I was more serious about music than art.  Art studios were cheap places to live.  I did participate in a few group art exhibits, but mostly I concentrated on music.  While working at Weller's Bookstore I came across a bizarre little book from the mid-1800s that looked like a different language. It turned out to be a phonetic script for English that the local Mormon leaders had introduced and then discarded, the Deseret Alphabet.  In the late 80s moved to Clearfield, and that's when I started making Deseret Alphabet art, at first it was mostly ceramics with Steve Kirkland.  After Steve moved to Oregon I began working on wood panels and leather.  Now-a-days I mostly work on wood, I still play music but I'd have to call my art, my main focus.
     "I do a lot of wood burning.  I used to use those cheapo Colwood wood burners found at lots of hobby shops.  They worked pretty well.  Now I use a more professional mail order model, and it works a lot better.  But it's still a time consuming process.  I use very old planks of pine, because the more dried out they are the easier they burn.  Sometimes I have to scrape and sand paint off them, a tough process.  I also use a lot of oak and mahogany from old pallets, after much sanding, because they were only rough-planed.  I'm always experimenting.  Some of my pieces are pure wood burning, sometimes I add collage, sometimes I color them in with a wide variety of materials.
     "I pick the subjects off the top of my head.  Because I use the Deseret Alphabet, many well meaning people have told me it would be sure money, to do things like the temples or early Mormon historical personalities. But I don't, and won't.  Some have suggested I join the anti-Mormon camp, I not going to do that either.  Lisa Bradey of the Beehive Tearoom did talk me into doing a Gilgal Garden series. I liked it because it was eccentric, wild , and local, not because it was Mormon.  However, I welcome Mormons and anti-Mormons and anyone else to join me on the Deseret Alphabet Art band wagon."  – Bob Moss

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