Dadaikseon (The More the Better) by Nam June Paik 1988, Video installation, Souel, South Korea (click on image for video).

The 22.8 meter-tall conical work Dadaikseon, meaning "the more, the better,' by the word-renowned video artist Paik Nam-june, stands in the center of a spiral ramp under a glass-domed ceiling. It catches visitors "eyes as soon as they enter the museum lobby. Paik made it with 1,003 TV monitors, the number symbolizing October 3rd, Korea's National Foundation Day. As viewers ascend the spiral ramp, entire images kaleidoscopically changing on those monitors gradually come into view. The combination of the natural light projected through the dome and the powerful electronic light emitting from the thousand plus monitors seems to reenact the story of when daylight was first created.

— from the website of theGyeongGi_Do Provence in Korea, for the National Museum ofContemporay Art in Soeul, South Korea