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Video Art and Frontier Films 1960 to the Present

Film 3905 Section 002 (class number 17059) or Film 6905 Section 006 (class number 17369)

The Final Exam will be on Monday, December 12, 2011, at 6:30pm until 8:30pm, in the Marriott Library room 1745.

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 Week 15 Back to the Theatre

Click on the video link to see streaming movie. If you are using Safari you must right click on the "with chapters" (w) movies and play them with Quicktime or download them to view chapters. 

If you want to watch the movies full screen use the SafariBrowser.  

Click on movie/video name and the artist's name for more information.  

Christian Marclay The Clock video link   (a 5 min clip) 2011, 24hrs, HD, B & W and Color, Sound

Jørgen Leth The Perfect Human video link 1967, 13 mins., 35mm, B&W, Sound
      An elegant and humorous film-in the guise of a serious anthropological treatise.

Nam June Paik meets bill Clinton, video link a 1:17 Youtube clip, 6/6/1999. Could this be a final Fluxus performance?

Pick a film from The Sundance Film Festival to watch. If you go to the information page about each film there will be a link to the film'strailer. Watch all three trailers and then choose a feature film to watch. In the final, next week, you will have to answer a couple of questions and write an short essay about the film and how it relates to other pieces we have seen in this class. You will only have to answer the questions and write an essay on the film you watched, not the other two.


Lars von Trier and Jørgen Leth The Five Obstructions  video link 2004 (Sundance Documentary Feature) released as a 35mm print, probably shot digitally, 90 mins. color, sound

Douglas Gordon and Philipe Parreno  Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait  video link 2007 (Sundance Frontier Film) 35mm/HD/video-released in cinema scope 2:35 to 1, 2006, 90 mins, color sound

Bansky Exit Through the Gift Shop   video link 2010 (Sundance Spotlight Film) DV, 87 mins, color, sound